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We have many ways that you can help us before, during, and after the race. You can volunteer for trail work, Aid station crew, registration checkin, start/finish support, food preparation, cleanup, course marking and sweeping. 

We have just a couple general policies, the overarching one being that the runners always come first. Any volunteering you do must keep that in mind. Also, if you choose to serve an aid station or the start/finish, please do what the captain there asks of you. Similarly, if you volunteer for anything else, please accept and be responsible for the duties that the person in charge assigns you.

Because sweeping is so crucial to the safety of our runners and the success of the race, we have several additional rules for this duty:
1. To repeat: runners rule!!! Your personal interests take second place. Think about this carefully before you volunteer to be a sweeper.
2. Choose a section of the course to sweep and stick to it, unless you and the head sweepers agree to change your plans.
3. Arrange your own logistics for getting to and from your section..
3. Help strip the course of markers (flags and ribbon) and litter. Pick up the flags carefully, straighten them as best you can, and bundle them in counts of about 25.
4. You must respect the leadership of our veteran head sweepers, Jim Baker and Kirk Apt. Do as they ask along the way.
5. Unless the head sweepers advise otherwise, stay close behind the last runners on the course. If you are advised to catch up to the cutoff time, get to the next aid station as quickly as you can and follow the last runners out, staying with them until you are relieved of that duty.

Volunteers make this race run smoothly, and we know our volunteers are the best!

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