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Alternate Course Description 

Should the regular course be unwise to use.


Study this Course Description!
Please take a few minutes to review and study it. You may download the jpg file of the actual map of the course at the bottom of this page.

Segment 1 -The race runs from the Town Park to Second Street, where it turns left to Highway 149. Turn right there and run to Roundtop Road. Turn right again and run to the top of Roundtop, circle around the communication tower there, and continue on to the Silver Coin road, which drops down to the bottom where you’ll cross County Road 3 and continue a short ways to Highway 149. Go right on the highway across the bridge to Aid#1.

Segment 2 - From there, you ascend an old road to the Sawmill Park Road, crossing Highway 149 twice again. At the first crossing, you’re actually going backwards on the standard SJS50 course, which you’ll stay on until you come out at tree line. At the junction there, turn left off the standard course and go a short ways to Aid#2. Segment 3 -  From there, continue on the road across Highway 149 down to an old forest road and on to Oleo Ranch Road. Turn right to Highway 149 again, which you’ll cross and take an old road up to the Divide at Spring Creek Pass, Aid #3. 

Segment 3 - From there, head right along the Divide trail to Aid #4 at a junction just past Jarosa Mesa. Turn left there, where you’ll follow the standard course again backwards for a couple of miles to a saddle on the Divide. Turn right up to the tower at Station 71, then take a right turn back to Aid Station #4. 

Segment 4 - From there, you‘ll turn left and head the right way on the standard course back to Town Park. Go through Rambouillet Park to the junction that you left to reach Aid #2, but now continue straight to tree line down back through Sawmill Park to Highway 149 and Aid #5. 

Segment 5 - Cross the highway there and descend on a trail for about a mile. Turn right onto a trail going up through aspen groves. This first hill here is a doozy, heading up 1,700’ to an elevation of about 11,000’, so be ready for it!  You’ll reach Aid #6 about two miles down from the high point. From this aid station, merge and turn left down onto the Waterdog Trail. One mile down, turn right into the aspen trees, and now it’s a no-brainer, down to town for 2 miles. When you emerge into the residential area, follow the markers to the 5th Street pedestrian bridge, and use 5th Street to cross over Highway 149 to Silver Street. Turn left and it’s only two blocks back to the park!

CHECK IN AND OUT of each aid station. Let someone know if you drop. There are real safety concerns here.
AID will be provided at six stations along the course. All Aid Stations will carry a full supply of sandwiches, cookies, chips, bananas, etc. Over the counter medications such as ibuprofen will not be available at the aid stations so be sure to pack whatever of these items you may need in your drop bags.

CUT-OFFS for the alternate course: 
Aid #1 9:30 am Silver Coin, mi 11 (Drop Bag) Spectators and Crews allowed - Fully stocked
Aid #2 11:45 am Rambouillet , mi 17 - Fully stocked
Aid #3 2:00 pm Spring Creek, mi 27 (Drop Bag) Spectators and Crews allowed - Fully stocked
Aid #4 Hill 71 , mi 34 & 37 - Fully stocked
Aid #5 6:00 pm Slumgullion, mi 41 (Drop Bag) Spectators and Crew allowed - Fully stocked
Aid #6 Vickers upper ranch, mi 47 has plenty, but most just want to get to the park, which is about 3 miles straight downhill. Don’t miss the turn 1/2 mile past the aid.
Aid #7 9:00 pm the finish line Town Park, mi 50 has loads of fruit, sandwiches, drinks, and other treats.

You must be out of the aid station at the published cut-off time, to the second according to the race clock. No refunds are available to those who miss cut-off times!!

• CREWS and Spectators are allowed at Silver Coin (mile 11), Spring Creek Pass (mile 27), at Slumgullion (mile 41), and, of course, at the finish. Crews, you may aid your runner only within one hundred yards of the aid stations. No dogs allowed at the aid stations (or, for that matter, on the course, unless mandated for a medical condition). Also, please park off the roads and drive at the speed limit. Hinsdale Sheriff’s officers will pick you up for going five over, especially in town.

• DROP BAGS will be ferried to the following aid stations: # 1 (Silver Coin, mile 11), # 3 (Spring Creek Pass, mile 27), and # 5 (Slum, mile 40). Send extra gear.

PACERS are allowed from mile 40 (aid #5, Slumgullion). Pacers do not need to register, but please let the aid station captain at Slum know you are leaving with a pacer.

• TREKKING POLES are allowed for runners and pacers.

• STAY ON TRAIL Most trail deviations force us to DQ you; however, on the Divide section (mile 23 - 36), you may parallel the trail (i.e., get down!) if the weather causes you exceptional fear. Keep an eye on those clouds! Finishing this race in a particular time is definitely not worth your life.

• ENVIRONMENT FIRST is the credo of this run. Any runner caught messing with the local ecology will be pulled. If you throw any trash, including drink cups, on the ground, you will be DQ’d. Never litter ANYWHERE. Bury human waste at least 6” deep, 200’ from water sources, and 50’ from any trail. Use common sense and courtesy with respect to the land, water, and all others out there enjoying the mountains, including race volunteers. Just because you’re running does not mean you have the right of way or the right to be impolite. We know you’re tired; try not to be cranky about it. The old Ultra “no whining” rule is in effect at this event.

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