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Due to historic snow fall in the winter of 2019, course conditions and flooding potential this spring combined to force the cancelation of this year's race. Registered runners are being offered the option to roll over their registration to next year's race or receive a partial refund.

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On May 2nd Hinsdale County Commissioners declared a state of emergency to address post avalanche impacts in the high country. Historic avalanche cycle has left an incredible amount of timber deposited in the debris threatening to clog rivers at choke points as high water approaches.

The picture below is taken from the T Mountain slide that crossed the valley, climbed the far side and left debris piled 10 feet deep on the Henson Creek Road with branches broken off 40 feet up the trees standing on the far side of the road. The recently restored Ute Ulay Mine is visible farther up the road.

Continued cool days and an additional 10 inches of snow in the high country last week is doing little to alter the likelihood that we will be forced to the alternate course this year. We will postpone making that call until a week out from the race in order to give the best chance to be on the regular course.

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The Divide Aid Station, three days ago. The bump in the snow on the right is the 7' tall outhouse.

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