San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Run is a nonprofit race benefiting the Lake City EMTs.



All profits benefit the Lake City EMTs, our volunteer emergency medical team, most of whom will be helping at the aid stations on race day! 


The race donates 100% of its profits towards education, rescue gear, & support of Hinsdale County’s volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians. 

Since the race became a benefit run in 2002 the race has contributed nearly a quarter of a million dollars to Friends of Lake City EMTs.

Here’s a letter from Becky Campbell, President of the Board of the Friends of Lake City EMTs. Please read her informative letter to learn about some of the great things your generous support has done and is doing for our community.

March 27, 2019                        


Dear SJS50 Runners, Crew, Friends and Family,


The mission of Friends of Lake City EMTs is to recruit new team members, and to retain current members of the team through incentives and on-site as well as conference education. Because of our remote location and limited personnel and resources we are classified Frontier EMS. Several years ago, Jerry Gray, EMS Director at the time, was able to obtain a waiver from the State of Colorado that allows Wilderness First Responders (WFR) to ride in the back of the ambulance and provide a much needed extra pair of hands. This year we provided education monies for 7 WFRs to take the re-certification class held in February.   


Colorado EMT certifications are good for three years, while National certifications are good for 2 years. There are continuing education requirements for re-certification which vary by level and average around 50 hours. Due to some hard work and dedication of Rick Hernandez and Lori Lawrence in tandem with Buffy Witt, Paramedic and native of  Lake City, the Hinsdale County EMS Education Program was formed in 2012.  Through this program we have been able to provide weekly skills practices which can count toward some of the education requirements. This enables our team to acquire some of their continuing education hours without leaving town.  This is important as our team is small and we need everyone available as much as possible.  This also reduces expenses to Hinsdale  County, who is financially responsible for providing education to the Hinsdale County EMS team.


In the spirit of retaining our valuable EMS members, we have been able to provide them with much needed clothing and equipment as incentive to stay the course and continue to volunteer.  These items include winter jackets, team shirts, windshield covers to prevent snow from accumulating and slowing response times, and bags to carry our personal EMS gear. 


A BIG thanks to all of the participants in the San Juan Solstice 50! If not for you, we would not be able to continue to build the knowledge base and skill set of our volunteer EMS providers. Friends of Lake City EMTs provided funds for our MegaCode Kelly Advanced Life Support and Pediatric manikins. These manikins make it possible to practice critical skills right here at home.



We love seeing each and every one of your come through our little town and we are rooting for you on your race day! See you at the aid stations, and/or breakfast in the park!



Becky Campbell - EMT Intermediate

President, Friends of Lake City EMTs