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Photo credit: Ben Conners 2021

ENVIRONMENT FIRST is the credo of this run. Any runner caught messing with the local ecology will be pulled. If you throw any trash, including drink cups, on the ground, you will be DQ’d. Never litter ANYWHERE. Bury human waste at least 6” deep, 200’ from water sources, and 50’ from any trail. Use common sense and courtesy with respect to the land, water, and all others out there enjoying the mountains, including race volunteers. Just because you’re running does not mean you have the right of way or the right to be impolite. We know you’re tired; try not to be cranky about it. The old Ultra “no whining” rule is in effect at this event.

AID will be available at 7 locations. We will try to set out many kinds of foods for your dining pleasure. Aid Stations #2 through #5 are fully stocked with sandwiches, and the usual array of cookies, chips, bananas, etc. Aid Stations #1 and #6 are not as fully equipped because few runners eat at mile 8, and few can eat at mile 47. Aid Station #1 will not have water or race drink so carry enough fluid to make it to Aid Station #2.  Note: there are 2 nine-mile stretches between aid up there on the Divide. Carry a lot and be ready for anything..

CUT-OFFS are as follows: 

   Aid Station        Distance           Cutoff Time

#1 Alpine                7 miles            7:30am cutoff 

#2 Williams            15.7 miles        10:00am cutoff

#3 Carson             21 miles          12:00pm cutoff

#4 Divide               31 miles           3:45pm cutoff

#5 Slumgullion     40 miles          6:00pm cutoff

#6 Vickers             46.5 miles       8:15pm cutoff 

#7 Town Park        50 miles          9:00pm cutoff

You must be out of the aid station at the published cut-off time, to the second according to the race clock. Please note these cut-offs before you send in your entry, because they’ll be strictly enforced for your safety! No refunds for those who miss cut-off times!!!

DROP BAGS will be ferried to the following aid stations:

#2 Aid Williams (mile 15.7)

#3 Aid Carson (mile 21)

#5 Aid Slumgullion (mile 40)


Please do send extra gear.

TREKKING POLES are allowed for runners and pacers.

STAY ON TRAIL Most trail deviations force us to DQ you; however, on the Divide section (mile 23 - 36), you may parallel the trail (i.e., get down!) if the weather causes you exceptional fear. Keep an eye on those clouds! Finishing this race in a particular time is definitely not worth your life.


TRACKING   We will be using MAProgress live tracking again this year.  All runners will be required to carry a tracker and register it with MAProgress.  Rental trackers will be available through MAProgress for those who do not have their own or have one that can be borrowed from a friend.

CHECK IN AND OUT of each aid station. Wear your bib with your number very visible from the front. Call out your number to the aid station official and make sure you hear confirmation. Not being logged in at an aid station is grounds for disqualification. Also, there are real safety concerns out there on the course, so you must let an official know if you drop and be certain to turn off your tracker if you do.

CREWS and SPECTATORS may go to the following two locations only: Williams Creek (mile 15.7) and Slumgullion Pass (mile 40). Please park well off the roads and observe all directives given by aid station crew and local law enforcement. Be forewarned that the Sheriff’s Office enforces the speed limits with vigor. Aid may be given a runner only within 100 yards of an aid station. Please leave your dog(s) in your car at the aid stations. Please don't make us ask you to do this, because our volunteers will be busy helping runners.



PACERS are allowed from mile 40 (Slum, aid #5). Only one pacer per runner is generally permitted, although more might be pre-approved by the race director in extenuating circumstances. Pacers must check in at the Slum aid station and identify the runner he or she is pacing

SAFETY of the runners is a primary consideration for this EMS fund-raising event. Our requirement that runners complete a prior ultra trail run is designed to ensure that entrants are up to the challenge. Cutoff times are in place along the course to ensure runners are able to complete the race. EMS personnel with extensive first aid kits staff each Aid Station, and all Aid Stations maintain radio contact with Net Control located at the Start Finish Line. Finally, in addition to MAProgress, we will track runners along the course by recording bib numbers at all Aid Stations and by using radio-carrying course Sweepers to ensure, to the extent possible, that all runners have cleared the course.

DECISIONS regarding the rules, especially disqualifications, shall be at the discretion of the race officials, who consist of the Race Director, members of the Race Committee, Aid Station Captains, and the Official Sweepers.

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