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Garry Curry CLIMB Scholarship

                         Congratulations 2023 Seniors 
                       Jaden McNeese             $1500
   Kate Cunningham         $1500
                           Brian Graham       

In our second year, we are totaling $7,500 to graduating seniors from Lake City Community School!


2022 Garry Curry CLIMB Scholarship Recipients:

Winter Painter, Elissa Stephens, Caroline Thompson, Memphis Wuest and Bennett Levine

The Garry Curry CLIMB Scholarship is to be awarded to a graduating senior from Lake City Community High School who best exemplifies Garry’s life example of never quitting. It is truly remarkable that Garry completed more than 60 100-mile races, including 20 Leadville 100s, the Hardrock 100, as well as numerous other ultra-distance running events. Garry was an integralpart of the original crew who came to Lake City from Boulder to establish the Lake City

50-miler, now known as the San Juan Solstice (SJS50). Garry CLIMBed many mountains in his life, but it was on the inside that he was a true CLIMBer: he cared deeply for his community; led by example; and persevered, even when the road was rough. After competing several times in the SJS50, he assumed an essential role as a key worker in preparing and marking the course, hauling water up to the Alpine Aide Station, and sweeping the course. His final ashes are just off the race course, along the Continental Divide, east of Coney Peak. Garry was never too busy to help a friend or fellow runner. His familiar “howzit” greeting lifted many faces into a smile. Garry’s willingness to listen and understand conflicting viewpoints with compassion are sorely missed.


Thank you to all of our scholarship donors! 

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