Photo Courtesy: Ryan Lane

It was a near perfect  event.  The weather cooperated nicely.  Had it been a day earlier or a day later, the heavy occasional rains on Friday or the nearly incessant rains after the breakfast and awards ceremony on Sunday, would have made for a much different experience for runners and volunteers alike.  


We have heard nothing but rave reviews from runners, who loved our course, our volunteers and our community.  But they should know that it goes both ways.  The Lake City community loves them too.  They fill the town with happy, healthy, grateful people before the summer craziness with the motorized visitors begins.  


It was near perfect because, of course, there were glitches, most of which remained unseen by the runners or the public.  One of which, that had a real effect, was technological, again.  Results were delayed but are posted now.

247 started and 201 finished; a testament to the toughness of the course, an "authentic challenge" as Billy Simpson says.

Our course photographer, Matt Burt, has his photos available at this address:

Matt Burt Photos from 2022 SJS 50 Race 

Since our results were compiled by hand again this year there were some typos.  If we made an error in your entry let us know and we will correct it.

Also, if any runners or crew developed COVID during the following week to 10 days, please let us know.

San Juan Solstice Benefits

Lake City’s EMS Team will remain the primary focus of funding.  The race will fund, first and foremost each year, a stipend reimbursement program for EMS team members.  The Race Committee has also decided to fund a scholarship program for graduating local high school students.  


After funding the stipend program and the scholarship, any remaining race profits will be made available to other non-profit and public service entities in Hinsdale County through a competitive grant process. The Race Committee remains committed to supporting the EMS Team but recognizes that there are other non-profits and public service entities in Lake City with valid needs.  


The Race Committee is excited to take SJS50 to this next level of community benefit while continuing to support the EMS Team.