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Snowpack has gone down a lot in the last few days and we are optimistic that we can use the regular course!

As is usually the case, the waitlist is dropping quickly now.

Camping on race weekend will be allowed in Memorial Park.

Tailwind will be the race drinks again this year and we are excited to partner with EMBARK Maple fuel for the race gel this year.

Passing that sweet spot and becoming too popular.


The San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Run has been in a sweet spot for many years now.  We have been able to maintain a roughly 50/50 mix, allowing in any runners who have finished it or even attempted but DNFed, and new runners who have never entered before.  We have typically had waitlists that started out around 150 but dwindled down to zero and unregistered, non-waitlisted runners who showed up on Friday before the race were able to enter.  And it is true that, to date, we have yet to start a full course of runners.  


It appears that this will be the year that changes.  In a typical year we have closed registration for the waitlist at the end of January when we run the lottery and by this time of year the waitlist would be nearing 100 or less.  This year the race committee opted to reopen registration for the waitlist and that number now hovers around 180 with new additions almost daily.  Last week I emailed with a runner who had just jumped on the waitlist and he was under the impression that we never turn runners away.  That is not the case.  We have not needed to turn anyone away yet but our capacity is 300 and we cannot exceed that number.  Also, in a typical year there would have been more drops from the registered runners list by now as those folks injure themselves by training too hard.  That does not seem to be the case this year.  This group seems to be wiser and or luckier.  


So, it is likely that a bunch of waitlisted runners will come to town planning to get in and will be disappointed.  Worse things could happen than having a weekend to spend in the San Juans.  There are five 14,000’ summits within 15 miles of Lake City as the raven flies.  


We do not want Hardrock’s level of popularity.  If you want to run this race in the future do not tell your friends about it.


Runners must register their own or a borrowed tracker with MAProgress or rent one.


Photo by: Michaeul Underwood Photography

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