Deadline extended!  

We have become aware that several local non profit groups did not see the front page article in the Silver World at the beginning of October announcing $15,000 available to local non profit organizations.  As of November 29 we have received three applications totaling $6,525, leaving $ 8,475 available.  For these reasons the application deadline is extended until November 8th.

Please complete the Colorado Common Grant Application for the San Juan Solstice Grant opportunity by November 8th. Please submit the application and any questions to For more information visit our benefit page. 

2022 Race Results


Photo Courtesy: Ryan Lane

Our course photographer, Matt Burt, has his photos available from the 2022 race: Matt Burt Photos from 2022 SJS 50 Race 

San Juan Solstice Benefits

Lake City’s EMS Team will remain the primary focus of funding.  The race will fund, first and foremost each year, a stipend reimbursement program for EMS team members.  The Race Committee has also decided to fund a scholarship program for graduating local high school students.  


After funding the stipend program and the scholarship, any remaining race profits will be made available to other non-profit and public service entities in Hinsdale County through a competitive grant process. The Race Committee remains committed to supporting the EMS Team but recognizes that there are other non-profits and public service entities in Lake City with valid needs.  


The Race Committee is excited to take SJS50 to this next level of community benefit while continuing to support the EMS Team.