There will be open spots for this year's race, for those in line at 10 AM at race registration on Friday June 25th. The starting point for that line will be marked by a sign at the gazebo in the Lake City Town Park on Thursday evening. The number continues to change but we expect 8 or more spots available that morning.

There will be more available at 7 PM that evening, when spots open up from runners who did not check in. After those spots that are available that morning are filled, those in line will be added to a list that will be used for filling those evening spots that open up.


Planning considerations

Runners, planning to run next weeks San Juan Solstice 50 should take a couple things into consideration.

  1. In the past, we have supplied the Alpine Aid Station with 25 gallons of water. We hand carried it from a point where we could drive, that was “close” to the aid station. It was 0.8 mile and just over 1,000 feet elevation gain. That route is now choked with avalanche debris and is impassible.Runners will need to carry enough water/fluids to make it to Williams Creek Aid Station on their own.

  2. It has already been unseasonably hot in Lake City and race day is forecast to be sunny and hot. Runners are encouraged to carry more water/fluids than they normally would, especially on those sections on the Continental Divide between Carson Aid Station and timberline and the final climb up the Vickers Ranch section.

Bottom line for folks planning to run next weekend is to increase the capacity of their hydration systems.