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There is a snowfield above Lake City every year which is the last, in that area, to melt.  It is called the high water mark.  Historically, when that snow disappears high water has peaked.  As of June 1 it may last another day or two.  Creeks and rivers are bank full but after a better than average snowpack, there is still a lot of snow up high. Low temps in Lake City, hover in the low 30's.  Rain in town and snow showers higher continue on a regular basis.   We remain optimistic that we will be able to use the regular course. The 7 creek crossings in Alpine Gulch will probably be high and snow fields may be steep in places and extended along the Divide, all those things, in addition to the vert, the views and the terrain, that make the SJS50 challenging and popular.  Lower sections of the course are open for training.

Tailwind will be our race drink on course again this year and camping will be allowed again on race weekend at Memorial Park.  Memorial Park is located at the confluence of Henson Creek and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River.  It is also the landing zone for medical choppers so tents should be set up well away from the center of the grassy area.  Tents located too close will be dragged to a better location.

MAProgress will provide runner tracking this year.  Registered runners and course map here:

Runners moving up from the waitlist or hoping to get a spot on Friday evening should have their own tracker on a current subscription plan since rental trackers may or may not be available at the last minute.


Photo Courtesy: Ryan Lane

Our course photographer, Matt Burt, has his photos available from the 2022 race: Matt Burt Photos from 2022 SJS 50 Race 

San Juan Solstice Benefits

Lake City’s EMS Team will remain the primary focus of funding.  The race will fund, first and foremost each year, a stipend reimbursement program and an On Call program for EMS team members.  The Race Committee is also funding a scholarship program for graduating local high school students.  


After funding the stipend and on call programs and the scholarship, any remaining race profits are made available to other non-profit and public service entities in Hinsdale County through a competitive grant process. The Race Committee remains committed to supporting the EMS Team but recognizes that there are other non-profits and public service entities in Lake City with valid needs.  


The Race Committee is excited to take SJS50 to this next level of community benefit while continuing to support the EMS Team.

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